• "Great Trainers. High energy-engaging- [and] that makes all the difference."

  • "Extremely informative." 

  •  A "wonderful" and "very positive experience!"
  •  “The information in the training notebook is so valuable.  I referred to mine from last summer all school year, as I will do with this one as well."

  • “What a wonderful experience.  Presenters were well prepared and so very knowledgeable.” 

  • “The manual is excellent!  Very comprehensive.  The site visit model and debrief situation the next day were so very helpful!” 

  • “I really needed a game plan and I now have it! For now the most useful tool I have learned is how to create a shared vision."



APAS Testimonials


  • "What a brilliant system." 
  • "It allowed us to structure ourselves so that we could better present our case for funding."
  • "This is what we've been looking for."
  • "Effective, efficient, and pleasant."
  • "Very user-friendly, very easy to understand, and it doesn't take long but you can get so much - so much - out of it."
  • "The tool is very effective. One tool to do it all!"
  • "My concern was: "Is this extra work form me? What am I going to do with these results? How is this going to make a difference?" Once I conducted my first APT, I said "There you go!" 
  • "A lot of funders are looking for something like this, something concrete. It's a good way to put everything together and to have the information right there."
  • "This information will be crucial to help us plan for improvement for next year."
  • "As programmers, we think, "This is what the kids need, this is what will work." But then you get the surveys back and it humbles you.  Your realize that the kids need other stuff."


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