Training FAQs

Where is NIOST training?
All of our training, except for our annual Summer Seminars, is conducted at a location of your choice.

How many participants may attend a NIOST training?
Clients arrange a local training event with NIOST for 20-40 participants, depending on the topic. 
While all our trainings are research-based, our training combines learning and fun.  We include a variety of hands-on activities and each participant receives a manual containing worksheets, tips, resources and planning tools.

How much does a NIOST training cost?
The cost of a NIOST training includes a set rate per trainer, any travel and lodging , incidentals, and training material.

How many trainers will I need?
Typically two NIOST training associates deliver a training. Clients with approximately 10 participants may only need one trainer. If a client has a small number of potential participants, it may make fiscal sense to send the group to the annual Summer Seminars series in Boston.

Who coordinates publicity for the training event?
The local sponsor, such as a Resource and Referral Agency, State Government Agency, City Agency, or State or Local Provider Association, coordinates the publicity and logistics.

How long is a NIOST Training?
Most NIOST trainings last two days beginning around 8:30am and ending at 4:30pm. However, training times and duration often vary depending on the type of training and client needs.

Who leads a NIOST training?
In selecting a NIOST trainer, we take into consideration the trainers area of expertise, availability, proximity to the training location, and client preference. For a complete list of our national trainers, click here.

I am not sure which NIOST training is right for us. How do I proceed?
Please contact us at (781) 283-2546 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We work closely with our clients to tailor training and consulting to fit individual program needs.






NIOST Contacts:

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..