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ASQ: After-School Quality

The Process of Program Improvement

A guide for facilitating a 5-step, team-based approach to improving program quality.


What is ASQ?

ASQ is a team process that helps afterschool programs create a common vision for their program and a road map for how to achieve that vision.

ASQ was originally developed in 1996 as the continuous improvement process for afterschool programs seeking national accreditation. Today, it is still the process of choice for afterschool improvement and it can be used with any tools, questionnaires or surveys.

Download the free 8-page introduction and sample of the ASQ Guide.

To purchase ASQ:

The new ASQ Guide is now available for download. This 48-page guide walks you through the five steps that you will undertake at your afterschool program. In addition, registered users may download sample agendas, letters, and tips for implementing and supporting ASQ.

ASQ is priced to be affordable to all programs; the cost is $75.00/site, which includes portal access for three years and is renewable. Most programs need six to nine months for the initial five steps and continue to use ASQ indefinitely. To purchase ASQ, please click the purchase button below or contact NIOST by telephone at 781-283-2547 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Introduction to the Revised ASQ from NIOST's Director

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Ellen Gannett, Director of NIOST, shares highlights of the newly revised ASQ--a team-based approach to improving afterschool quality.